Rules and Regulations for Bonus Points Scheme

Points Added

Points Deduction

Borrow(Each Time)

2 Points

Late Return Each Time

-2 Points

Add Book Review (Not Include Book Reviews Reply)

2 Points

Delete Book Review

-2 Points

Book Review is being “Like”(Points will Keep Unchanged Even Though Your Book Review has been Edited or Deleted)

1 Points

Book Review was Reported to be Blocked Successfully

-10 Points

Complete Reading Report on Time / Exemption for Late Submission

5 Points


-1 Points

Book Report - Score

1-5 Points



Check Out the Books From Reference Readings

4 Points



Add As Friend (Each)

1 Points



Log-in Every Day

1 Points



Loan E-Resources (Each ACNO Only One Chance)

2 Points



Loan E-Book (Each ACNO Only One Chance)

2 Points



Public Libraries

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